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How to calculate GSM of fabric: A step-by-step guide for using this versatile tool

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Calculating the GSM (Grams per Square Meter) of fabric is crucial for determining its weight and quality. Our innovative tool simplifies this process, requiring just a few inputs to provide valuable fabric metrics. Follow this guide to effectively utilize the tool:

Step 1: Filling the required details

  1. Count of yarn – Weft (horizontal threads)
  2. Count of yarn – Warp (vertical threads)
  3. Ply in Weft (number of individual yarn twisted together)
  4. Ply in Warp (number of individual yarn twisted together)
  5. Reed per Inch (number of warp yarn per inch)
  6. Picks per Inch (number of weft yarn per inch)

Step 2: Optional width input If you have the fabric’s width, input it for more accurate results. If not, you can proceed without it.

Step 3: Obtain results The tool will generate the following fabric metrics:

  1. GSM: Grams per Square Meter – Indicates fabric weight and thickness.
  2. Gram Per Linear Meter: Weight of fabric in grams per meter of length. (If the details of Width are given this value would be shown)
  3. Ounces Per Linear Yard: Weight of fabric in ounces per yard of length. (If the details of Width are given this value would be shown)
  4. Ounces Per Square Yard: Weight of fabric in ounces per square yard.

Step 4: Interpretation These metrics help you understand the fabric’s characteristics. Higher GSM or Ounces per Square yard, indicates thicker and heavier fabric, while lower the metric suggests lighter fabric.

Our tool simplifies fabric weight assessment, enabling accurate material planning for various applications. This guide ensures that users make the most of this tool to make informed fabric choices.

This tool is for guidance purpose only. A tolerance of 5% +/- on the physical product could be found